Our communities

We consider ourselves a part of the communities in which we operate and, by supporting our local communities, we believe we create long-term value for our communities and for our business.

Our approach to community engagement focuses on five main areas:

During 2022, we supported a diverse range of community projects in Türkiye and the UK with our time, capabilities and total direct financial and charitable contributions of around $1.1 million.

Our aim is to maintain and increase our community engagement over time, including in US as we expand our operations in Wyoming.

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Social Impact Report 2022

Tennis court school buildings hills

Building a sustainable future

Both Eti Soda and Kazan Soda are situated within agricultural communities and therefore agriculture has been a focus of our community projects for several years.

Eti Soda has increased the availability of agricultural irrigation water by funding the development of irrigation systems and by providing water to the nearby villages of Başören, Bağözü and Çakıloba.

Prior to the establishment of the irrigation system, fields were watered using groundwater from draw wells, which was inefficient and significantly reduced groundwater availability.

Eti Soda now provides water from the Sarıyar dam, out of the water quota that has been set for Eti Soda by the government, increasing the efficiency of agricultural water use and improving crop yields.  

Environment and nature

In 2016, Kazan Soda initiated a project focusing on preserving biodiversity in the area surrounding our production plant.

The project identified six endemic plants which required specific protection plans, as a result we:

  • Created an endemic plant conservation area, covering approximately 10,000m2.

  • The seeds of the six endemic plants were also sent to the Ankara Genetic Seed Bank to ensure their long-term preservation.

  • In 2022, we constructed an information office within the conservation area and started working with local schools to educate them on the importance of biodiversity and protecting endemic species.

Read more about Kazan Soda's Biodiversity Conservation and Monitoring Project:

Image: Endemic plant conservation area Kazan Soda

6 endemic plants protected
10,000m² conservation area created
Conservation area fields from above

Youth and education

Education underpins the long-term prosperity and sustainability of communities. We aim to do our part by providing educational support and opportunities for local people.

Our projects include:

  • A traineeship and internship programme for engineering students from technical high schools and universities.

  • Scholarships for fifty-five university students from the Beypazarı region, near Eti Soda and twenty-four university students from the Kazan region.

  • In 2017, we opened a school which specifically caters to the needs of individuals with disabilities and special educational needs.

79 scholarships

Community support

Supporting communities through sport

Sport often sits at the heart of the communities in which we operate and provides a strong medium for community engagement.

We support a number of sports-centric community initiatives in Türkiye and in the UK.

We chose to partner with the WRU because the UK is where we are headquartered and we wanted to make a real and lasting impact on a part of the UK that faces significant socio-economic challenges, with a real need for community-based support in the large concentration of poorer communities that are located in that region.

Read more about our 'Fit, Fed, Fun' partnership initiative:

1,000 rugby-based sports camps

supported in 2022

Children playing rugby

Hestia logo
Supporting survivors of modern slavery

Since we launched our partnership with Hestia in 2022, WE Soda has helped hundreds of the most vulnerable people in our community to access specialist support.

Hestia works to change the lives of people trying to flee exploitation and helps survivors of modern slavery to rebuild their lives.

You can read more about their programmes here: Hestia Life Beyond Crisis

Women's empowerment

Empowering women by developing employment opportunities is central to our community engagement strategy.

At Eti Soda:
  • In 2020, established the greenhouse project focused on creating employment opportunities for local women in agriculture.

  • The project's heat is sourced from waste water from Eti Soda and is also supplied with electricity from the plant.

  • The greenhouse is staffed exclusively by women.

At Kazan Soda:
  • Developed a beekeeping initiative, providing support to local women who were primarily involved in the agriculture sector.

Women working at greenhouse project, Turkey