About us

Responsibly producing essential ingredients for a sustainable future

From starting our first production in 2009, WE Soda has become a global leader in soda ash.

Today, we are the fastest growing producer of natural soda ash, producing over 5 million tonnes of natural soda ash and sodium bicarbonate every year, and operating two of the lowest cost production facilities in the world, located in Turkey.

We sell our products to large industrial customers in ~80 countries around the world. Fundamental to many industrial production processes, soda ash is one of life’s invisible ingredients which plays an essential role in the sustainable products we use in everyday modern life.

factory with turkish flag
pile of soda 3


Production reached over 5 million tonnes

ciner factory sign


Sold 60% of US business to Şişecam

factory pipework


Eti Soda expansion and Kazan Soda production started

wide shot of factory


Kazan Soda construction started

inside of factory


Eti Soda production started

building site


Eti Soda construction started

Eti Soda plant Turkey blue sky factory landscape