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We are the world’s largest producer of natural soda ash

WE Soda's operations have grown significantly since we started commercial production at our first plant in 2009 and we are now the world’s largest producer of natural soda ash. Today, we produce over 5 million tonnes of natural soda ash and sodium bicarbonate every year and we sell our products to industrial customers in ~80 countries around the world.

5 million Over 5 million tonnes of soda ash and sodium bicarbonate per year
80 We export to ~80 countries around the world
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What is soda ash?

Soda ash (chemically known as sodium carbonate or Na₂CO₃) is a simple, safe, alkali salt that is highly soluble in water and the tenth most highly consumed inorganic industrial ingredient in the world.

It is an essential component in a wide variety of industrial processes with no economically feasible and environmentally viable substitute in almost all such processes, and without which most of the industrial consumers of soda ash cannot operate.

It is used in the manufacture of glass, solar panels, electric vehicle batteries, powdered detergents, silicates and sodium-based chemicals and in various other industrial applications. It is also used to produce sodium bicarbonate, which is used in flue gas treatment, food, animal feed and various environmental and healthcare applications.

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