Board Committees

During 2022, two Focus Groups were set up to support the Board with greater scrutiny on specific matters. The Audit & Risk Focus Group met for the first time in late 2022 and the ESG Focus Group in early 2023. With effect from 8 February 2023, both Focus Groups and two additional committees were constituted by the Board as formal committees. The terms of reference of each Committee are documented, agreed by the Board and reviewed annually.

The key responsibilities of each Committee are set out below.

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Audit & Risk Committee

The Committee plays a critical role in overseeing the Company’s financial reporting, reviewing the Group’s financial statements, accounting policies and reporting narrative.

It assists the Board with risk management, the application of internal control principles and compliance. The Audit & Risk Committee meets at least four times a year.

Audit & Risk Committee: Terms of Reference

Committee Chair

Committee Members


Sustainability Committee

The Sustainability Committee plays a crucial role in ensuring that sustainability is embedded in everything we do and is at the core of our business strategy. The Sustainability Committee oversees and advises the Board and executive management on matters relating to the development and implementation of Group sustainability initiatives and strategy.

The Sustainability Committee will meet at least four times during the year.

Sustainability Committee: Terms of Reference

Committee Chair

Committee Members