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Ethics and Compliance

At WE Soda, we are committed to acting fairly and ethically

We are committed to conducting our business in a manner that is fair, right, and ethical.

Acting fairly and ethically in all markets where we conduct business is of the utmost importance in achieving business and operational excellence at WE Soda.

At WE Soda, we are committed to maintaining an effective and robust compliance program, which is managed by a dedicated and independent Compliance function and which actively supports the mitigation of potential compliance risk and ensures we comply with all applicable national and international laws and regulations within the countries we operate.

Our business Ethics Policy, Supplier Code of Conduct and other Company’s Policies require our employees, core contractors and any third parties acting for, or on behalf of, the company to not commit, authorise or be involved in bribery, corruption, fraud or other economic crimes. These policies sets as well clear rules and expectations regarding third-party management, conflicts of interest, facilitation payments, health and safety, Human Dignity and Labour, donations and community support.

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Our colleagues are essential to our success.

Providing a safe and healthy work environment is our number one priority and we are committed to ensuring the safety of all our employees, contractors and visitors across all operations. Investing in our people and transparent, two-way communication between our leaders and workforce are core parts of our culture.

We are also an inclusive, performance and capability-based employer, which does not discriminate, among others, based on gender, ethnicity, religion, nationality or disability. Our Business Ethics Policy outlines the business standards and behaviours we expect from our colleagues. Each of our operating sites and offices have their own Health & Safety and Ethics Policies, requiring them to operate to internationally recognised best practice standards, taking into account local laws and regulations.

We expect all individuals working for or within the Group to conduct business responsibly and with integrity. We have a Supplier’s Code of Conduct and a number of other policies which define our control measures against corruption and bribery, including the Anti-bribery & Corruption, Whistleblowing, and Business Ethics Policies. We aim to apply our sustainability governance and practices to all partners across our upstream and downstream supply chains.

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Our employees can convey any concerns and report potential violations of our Business Ethics Code through any of the reporting channels, as detailed within the Whistleblowing Policy or via our designated wespeakup programme. Email [email protected].

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