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Sustainability Governance

Governance at a glance

Our CEO has overall executive responsibility for sustainability within our Group and is supported by a strong management team to execute the company’s strategy.

During 2022, we continued to transition our governance structures to further align with the UK Corporate Governance Code and the UK listed corporate governance standards.

At Board level, our CEO has overall responsibility for sustainability and our strategic responses to the associated risks and opportunities it presents.

To support the oversight of climate-related and sustainability matters, the Board established two focus groups in 2022, which were formally constituted as Board committees in February 2023. These include the Audit & Risk Committee and the Sustainability Committee.

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Our sustainability governance framework

Our Sustainability Committee plays a critical role in ensuring that WE Soda’s sustainability strategy is integrated with our core business strategy.

Membership and full details of our sustainability committee can be found within our Annual Report.

Our CEO has overall responsibility for sustainability and is supported by our Chief Operating Officer and Global Sustainability Director in the design and delivery of our sustainability strategy.

Our local sustainability teams oversee the execution of our sustainability strategy and are responsible for the coordination of our strategic working groups across our operations, who design, develop, and implement projects across our operations to deliver against our sustainability targets.

Image: Rosalind Kainyah, Sustainability Committee Chair

Rosalind Kainyah

Reporting our progress

To help us realise our purpose, we aim to operate in accordance with 'best-in-class' global sustainability frameworks and standards.

In 2022, as part of our commitment to transparency, we have aligned our reporting with the requirements of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), and we have reported in accordance with the recommendations of the TCFD. We will continue to report in alignment with these frameworks on an annual basis.

We continue to monitor the reporting expectations of our stakeholders and the evolving reporting landscape, which we continue to evaluate, including the TNFD, ISSB, and the European Union’s Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD).

As members of the European Soda Ash Producers Association (ESAPA) we work with experts in a wide range of fields, ensuring we maintain our competitive edge, monitor legislation, and keep up to date on environmental priorities. We also encourage best practice across our business and beyond, sharing our expertise with governments, institutions, and industry.

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Benchmarking our performance

WE Soda holds a comprehensive set of ESG certifications with internationally recognised third-party organisations.

Our accreditations demonstrate our commitment to best practise and outstanding environmental performance, communicates transparent and comparable information about the environmental impact of our products and production processes, and supports our sustainability targets.

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