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Protecting and preserving endemic plant species

In the news: Kazan Soda's Biodiversity Conservation and Monitoring Project

Kazan Soda: Protecting and preserving endemic plant species

24 January 2022

Kazan Soda was recently featured in Habertürk news for protecting and preserving endemic plant species. Located to the north-west of Ankara, Turkey, the Kazan Soda conservation team discovered new plant species within their license area and began caring for them as part of their Endemic Plant Protection Area.

In 2016, Kazan Soda set up a Biodiversity Conservation and Monitoring Project. This project helps to protect, preserve and develop biological diversity, and protects endemic species. Colleagues work hard to “detect… plant and animal species that spread in and around the license area”. 

In addition, the Kazan Soda team carries out valuable population strengthening studies by moving locally distributed species to their botanical garden, which also serves to protect other endemic and biodiverse species.  With so much value now placed on the conservation and preservation of critical species, Kazan Soda continues to spearhead the protection of endemic plant species. 

Included in the work of the biodiversity project is the cultivation of seed banks; these seed banks enable a wide range of endemic plant seeds to be stored safely, equipping the project team with all they need in case an endemic plant species becomes endangered.

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Protecting and preserving biological diversity 

For the past six years, Kazan Soda has been protecting and conserving endemic plant species. To increase awareness and continue to better understand endemic plants and biological diversity, the team collaborates with nature conservation centres, national parks and universities, all of which are related to the Ministry of Agriculture & Forestry.

Protecting biological diversity is essential. It enables ecosystems to work and flourish and protects endemic plants and other living organisms. By restoring habitats, protecting endemic plants from invasive species, and cultivating seed banks, the Kazan Soda team is pioneering the importance of protecting such endemic plants in their area, and continues to research the different endemic species they discover and cultivate.

WE Soda is proud to back and support Kazan Soda’s efforts to protect endemic wildlife in the Ankara region. The conservation team’s continual work on the Endemic Plant Protection Area ensures the population of critical species are safeguarded. Team members strive to promote awareness of endemic species and biodiverse organisms, not only conducting research but also educating others about the importance of protecting such entities.

For more information on the work Kazan Soda is performing and the latest news on their Endemic Plant Protection Area, see their featured article here.

About Kazan Soda

Kazan Soda, based near Ankara, Turkey is owned by WE Soda and produces approximately 2.7 million tonnes of soda ash and 200,000 tonnes of sodium bicarbonate each year. It is the largest Soda Ash and sodium bicarbonate manufacturing facility in Europe. 

Kazan Soda is engaged in a wide range of biodiversity and environmental conservation initiatives that advocate the preservation and protection of endemic plant species. With conservation initiatives in place, WE Soda and the Kazan Soda team have worked together to promote: 

  • An International Day of Biological Diversity

  • Biodiversity Conservation and Monitoring Projects

  • Classroom training for locals

  • Tree planting schemes