New greenfield soda ash project in Wyoming, USA

12 October 2022

WE Soda Ltd (“WE Soda”), the world’s largest producer of natural soda ash, is pleased to announce West Soda, a new greenfield soda ash production project located near Green River in Wyoming, USA.

The new project will take several years to develop and is expected to come onstream before 2030 with an initial production capacity of approximately three million metric tonnes per annum (“mtpa”). West Soda will use solution-extraction production technology developed by WE Soda at its existing production facilities in Turkey and will be the first soda ash production facility in the world designed to be powered using up to 100% renewable energy, with the objective of delivering carbon neutral production.


  • New greenfield project located near Green River, Wyoming, USA

  • Approximately 3 million mtpa initial production capacity – scalable over time to meet growing global demand

  • Export focused and targeting production before 2030

  • Solution-extraction production technology – targeting high quality deep beds not accessible via conventional mining

  • Using up to 100% renewable energy – solar & wind power and solar steam, with the objective of delivering carbon neutral production

  • Low environmental impact, low waste and better consumption efficiency of resources such as water

  • 100% owned by WE Soda

Alasdair Warren, CEO of WE Soda Ltd, commented:

“With the addition of West Soda, and together with our existing growth projects at Kazan Soda in Turkey and Pacific Soda in Wyoming, we will be investing around USD 4 billion over the next 6 years and adding over 6 million mtpa of new production capacity by 2030.

"A key element of this new project is the use of renewable energy for our steam and power needs. West Soda is the first project in the world being designed with the objective of producing carbon neutral soda ash and further underpins our commitment to deliver the most environmentally sustainable products to our customers.

"My focus is to ensure long-term sustainable supply for our customers and Project West will be a key part of this, as we look towards the end of the decade.”

Alasdair Warren, CEO, WE Soda Ltd

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